Flatfair: Deposit Alternative

Pain-free renting for all

Wave goodbye to costly deposits and secure your dream home at The Marches, with one small check-in fee. Finding a hefty deposit before moving into somewhere new is kind of a buzz kill, and we're not about that life. Enter Flatfair!

What is Flatfair?

Lower up-front move in costs
Flatfair’s ‘Deposit Alternative’ is the simple and safe alternative to traditional deposits. Instead, residents pay a small check-in fee worth only one week’s rent or £120 (whichever is greater), plus VAT.
Only pay if there’s a problem
You’ll only pay if there’s a problem you’re responsible for (costs that would normally be deducted from your deposit). You pay when you leave instead of paying a lump sum before moving in.
No sneaky fees
There’s no recurring charges if you decide to live with us for longer – stay as long as you please!

Let's get to some FAQs…

Can the check-in fee be split between the household?

Yes, the flatfair check-in fee is a one-off payment which can be split evenly across the household, in the same way you might have split a traditional deposit payment (or the bill at a restaurant).

Does flatfair require tenants to be referenced?

Yes, all flatfair members must meet our minimum referencing criteria which is broadly in line with lettings agency standard referencing.`

Is flatfair essential in order for me to secure my home?

No – the Community Team will provide you with the deposit options available too you so that you can make the decision best for you.

What happens when I move out?

You’ll need to pay for any damage costs, unpaid rent, utility bills or pet damages that you are responsible for, in the same way you would with a traditional deposit.

What if I disagree with charges against me?

Flatfair works with government-backed independent adjudicators in the case of any disputes between you and your landlord. These are handled quickly and fairly to ensure a seamless check out process.

When does flatfair expire?

Flatfair’s security expires in line with the tenancy end date, or after 24 months (whatever comes first). It can be extended at any time through the Flatfair platform, free of charge.

Packing your bags already?

We’ll take care of the rest. Give us a call and we’ll get your new home all sorted.

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