Neighbourhood Heroes

Woking is brimming with awesome independent businesses. We’ve hand-picked some of our favourite spots to give you a taste of what the neighbourhood has to offer.

We’ve partnered with our neighbourhood heroes to bring residents of The Marches exclusive discounts and offers to help you feel part of the community.

The Cosy Tea and Coffee House

If your coffee peps you up a bit, it’s doing a good job but if it changes lives, it’s doing a fantastic one. The Cosy is totally not-for-profit, raising money for The Lighthouse, which works to empower local people in times of crisis. Pop in for a cup of locally roasted joe, served by volunteer staff, either indoors or on their chilled out terrace.

The brunch is top notch here but if you’ve only time to grab a snack, make it the cinnamon toast. Make that two, actually.

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The Cosy Cafe Woking

Cellar Magnifique

There’s a reason this local bottle shop and bar has won multiple awards and it’s easy to see as soon as you step inside. It’s warm, inviting and reassuringly French in its vibe, with the encyclopaedic knowledge of its friendly sommeliers and extensive cheese and charcuterie menus. There’s even a cigar humidor if want to channel your inner Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.

They deliver. No, we’re not kidding. Wine. Food. Delivered to your door.

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Cellar Magnifique

Kiwi and Scot

Every weekend, those in the know head to Woking Wharf to fuel up with caffeine and brioche brunch baps before taking a leisurely stroll down the Basingstoke Canal. Kiwi and Scot is a gorgeous café canal boat serving up a seasonal brunch menu alongside real Italian coffee – veggie, vegan and gluten free goodness all feature!

For those with our furry friends, this is a firm favourite – paws up for a puppuccino please!

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Kiwi and Scot

Bare and Fair

We do like to keep it green here at The Marches, which is why we’re stanning Bare and Fair pretty hard these days. You can refill reusable packaging with everything from cleaning products to skincare and everything in between. The food range isn’t just goody-two-shoes bulgur and quinoa, either. We’re talking Bombay mix, fizzy sweets, pasta and more.

They’ve also got some brilliant gifty things, if you’re feeling generous. Pine and juniper candle, anyone? Just us, okay then.

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Nova Cinema

Tucked away on level 1 of the Peacocks Shopping Centre is our freshly refurbished local cinema. They haven’t just spruced up the place, they’ve upgraded the tech, so your next Marvel movie’s going to look extra marvellous. There’s also great food and drink (mostly local), plenty of moreish nibbles and a sleek bar to hang out with before and after the showing.

Three words: gourmet hot dog. Two more words: unlimited toppings. Need we say more? Didn’t think so.

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Nova Cinema

Deli Class

Much as we love Woking, it’s nice to step over a threshold and find yourself in Puglia now and then. Deli Class is somewhat addictive, being a deli, shop, coffee bar, eat-in café and takeaway all rolled into one, and with the lovely Filippa at the helm, you’ll be sure of a warm, Italian welcome.

In the summer, we head straight for the gelato and a glass of Campari. The rest of the year, it’s big bowls of pasta arrabiata and a bottle of Birra Moretti.

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We’re spoilt for choice around here when it comes to drinks and dining, but there’s nothing like finding one fabulous place for aperitifs, antipasti, dinner and dessert. Bacaró is Italian through and through, with a menu filled with classic dishes to warm the soul and a cocktail list to knock your socks off.

Bacaró Gin Club is as good as it sounds – a selection of the finest gins from across the UK and beyond, lovingly curated for your tasting pleasure.

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Two Ducks

Gift shopping’s always more fun when you’re treating yourself and there’s nowhere better than Two Ducks in the heart of St John’s village. This gorgeous, award-winning independent store is stuffed with unique and beautiful finds, from fashion and accessories to decorative homeware and more. Of course, you could always pick something up for a loved one, but where’s the fun in that?

Two Ducks hampers are the pinnacle of gift giving. Pretty boxes filled with brilliant British brands that you can tailor however you like.

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Two Ducks Woking

Lauren Elizabeth Beauty

Everybody needs a pinch of old-world glamour now and then, and we get our dose of Hollywood glitz at Lauren Elizabeth. Along with the lovely interiors there’s serious aesthetic expertise, with luxe Elemis products and cutting edge technology provided by highly trained professionals.

Get 20% off any beauty treatment on your first visit. We went straight for the Elemis Biotec Firm-a-Lift Facial and are now fit to grace the red carpet.

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Laura Elizabeth

Oscar’s Pet Foods

Did we mention how much we love pets at The Marches? Thanks to Oscar’s, it’s brilliantly easy to care for our little loved ones around here. Oscar’s is a fantastic local pet food service that delivers top notch British made foods and accessories right to your door. Local pet care pro and rabbit rescuer Trevor is full of good advice, too – ask him anything.

For pickier pets, Oscar’s has all kinds of grain-free, sensitive and other specialist options. There are also plenty of calming aids to help your furry (feathery, scaly…) friend settle into their new digs.

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Oscar Pet Food

Anytime Fitness

When they say “anytime”, they mean it. This is a 24-hour gym, with 24-hour security, and enough cardio kit, weights and terrifying things like battle ropes to make any gym bunny happy. They’ve also got PTs and classes galore in case, like us, you need someone breathing down your neck to stop you sloping off for a smoothie.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are hard to find, so if you can get into Tim Radcliffe’s, you’ll be a winner already.

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Woking Gym
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