Guide to Commercial Spaces for Residents

Jul 27 2023

Welcome to the Marches: the ‘perkiest’ place to live.

As a resident, it’s access-all-areas to some of the best commercial spaces, indie heroes, and booming businesses that Woking has to offer, just by setting up shop with us.

That’s because living with us isn’t just that. It’s a lifestyle.

This is why you need places to eat, drink and enjoy the moment, especially when it comes to filling your calendar and seeing what brings our community to life.

Settled in glorious Victoria Place, The Marches is settled right in the middle of Woking Town Centre – with other spotlights including:

  • M&S (with a lift direct from our apartment buildings straight there, for super quick shopping)
  • New Victoria Theatre
  • Nova Cinema
  • Green spaces, such as Byfleet Park and Basingstoke Canal
  • Woking Train Station – a five-minute walk from The Marches, with trips taking 25 minutes to the city and top-class facilities in The Big Smoke – aka, London
  • Frequent connections to Heathrow Airport, for all you jet-setters.

You don’t even have to wander far, with something for everyone across our exclusive commercial and lifestyle spaces.

So c’mon. Get involved.

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Making it yours at The Marches

The Marches are all about social spots, both indoors and in the glorious great outdoors – so you don’t even have to leave the neighbourhood to enjoy a bit of mother nature.

As well as perfectly curated places to relax and unwind, we’re also considering where our residents want to get together with their nearest and dearest. That means a wide range of apartment types, lifestyle experiences and a retail space for those last minute shops or general bits and bobs – right at your disposal.

Come home and put your feet up after a long day. Or impress friends and family with a dinner party, complete with fresh local produce and views stretching from Surrey’s rolling hills all the way to London town. Soak up the sun in our beautiful green spaces or grab a treat or two from one of our incredible Neighbourhood Heroes.

Or get those grey cells working in our incredible co-working spaces, where great things can well and truly happen.

But where to start?

Keeping track of all the things to do and places to go can be challenging when there is so much of it.

The hardships of being spoiled, eh?

That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful and informative guide to show you The Marches’ truly outstanding commercial spaces and what they have on offer, including:

  • Daily wellbeing and social events
  • Incredible rooftop reviews
  • Private dining
  • Beautiful green garden
  • And a whole lot more.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it…

Get your pick of the perks

Life is more than just a place of your very own at The Marches.

Wild, we know.

As well as gorgeously designed and beautifully made apartments, it’s also the people and places that surround you – which means we’ve got plenty of good stuff in store.

Situated just a ten minute stroll from Woking High Street, we’re perfectly placed when it comes to accessing some of the best and brightest our town has to offer. From indie eateries to off-the-wall shops, you’re sure to find something suited for all tastes and talents.

A stone’s throw from Woking Train Station (handy for all you early bird commuters), you could be in Waterloo in just 25 minutes or Clapham Junction in 20.

The Marches is perfectly placed for exploration.

The Marches Communal Spaces_Low Res

But what about things a little closer to home?

Amble on down to the centre of town and pick up a bottle at your local wine cellar. Select only the finest picky bits for your tea – sorry, charcuterie board – before swiping your sustainable buys at an eco-living retailer.

Sounds good? Then you’re in with a treat, because we have these spots and more just waiting for you, including:

  • Two Ducks
  • Cellar Magnifique bottle shop and bar
  • Deli Class
  • Bare and Fair sustainable living shop
  • KOMO

Through our partnership with said Neighbourhood Heroes, you can also get perks from some of Woking’s finest independent establishments.

That means free drinks, experiences, delicious discounts and the general VIP treatment, all because you’re a resident with us.

Explore the full range here.

Talk about perk-y living, right?

It’s good to be green.

Sometimes you’ve just got to get back to nature.


And with stunning views of the rolling hills of Surrey, a sweeping landscape surrounding Woking and vistas that stretch all the way to London town – all the good stuff comes home to roost, here.


But we know it’s not enough to have a tree here or a shrub there. We’re leafy to the core.


Right at the heart of the Marches grows a gorgeous green oasis – created with our residents in mind.

If you just need some fresh air after a long day, or you want to get your friends together for a long-overdue catchup on the weekend, you’ve come to the right place.

This breathtaking space is at its most beautiful during the summer, when residents flock here to take advantage of the sun and get some much-needed vitamin D.

Of course, there’s still always something to be gained from all that legendary British rain, with lush leaves and flowers blooming all year long.

Not bad, Woking. Not bad at all.

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It’s a dog’s life

To get tails – and tongues – wagging, we are proud to announce that all our green spaces are also 100% pooch-friendly.

The Marches is proud to welcome furry friends of all shapes and sizes (subject to a few terms and conditions, of course), and our impressive garden is sure to be home to a well-deserved game of ball.

Who’s a good boy?

We know the benefits of sniffing- we mean, socialising.

That’s why The Marches host a social meet-up for all our furry friends every Sunday, with toys for the dogs, drinks for their grown-ups, and plenty of treats to go around.

We think it’s a rather fetching policy.

Serving up something special

Among the many private amenities at The Marches for residents to book and enjoy is our dining room, which is modern, stylish, and fully equipped. For you? Obviously.

It’s the ultimate ‘evening out’ – which is great when you’re hankering to ‘stay in’.

Designed to transition from work to play on any day, these spaces are extensions of your own apartment’s kitchen at the Marches.

Whether you want to shoot the breeze with friends while snacking on a sarnie or channel your inner Nigella, our private kitchen is the perfect backdrop for a cup of tea or culinary wizardry.

Did we mention that they can also be booked for private events by residents?

So if hosting your own version of Come Dine With Me is your idea of a good time, then The Marches has you covered – and then some.

This vibrant space gives you everything you need to cook up tasty dishes and serve incredible drinks, no matter what’s on the menu.

To book out a private space, simply give our lovely Community Team a nudge and they can sort you out.

We’d be more than happy to lick the spoon, too.

Sound like we’re suited for your tastes? Book your viewing now!

Two women chatting inside of The Marches Communal Spaces_High Res

Cosy on down

Cosy by name, cosier by nature.

Our resident lounges take that moniker in stride, with an in-built screen for football matches, streaming marathons and movie nights. Add some friends and ambient lighting and you’ve got a dynamic space that’s perfect for daytime chills and late night laughs.

But that’s not all. The Cosy Lounge frequently hosts an incredible array of resident activities for you to try.

From sunset yoga to pop-up painting and plant-potting lessons, there’s something for everyone – so you’ll never feel stuck for something to do on a Sunday afternoon again.

Two Women doing yoga in a communal space

Productive – even in your PJs

Boot up the laptop and fire those brain cells, as we’ve created the perfect spaces for co-working or solo-slogging (for those especially Manic Mondays).

Our exclusive lounge is a perfect pocket of productivity for our residents to work from, boasting bright and relaxing design with comfort and functionality. With a top-quality selection of seating, free ultra-fast WiFi and areas that make working alone, or as a group, easy.

Plus, you’ll only be a stone’s throw from your caffeine fix, courtesy of The Marches’ very own Neighbourhood Heroes. So take a break. Stretch those legs. Pour yourself a cup of the good stuff and come back refreshed.

Once the working day is over, pop back and visit the lounge in a more social setting. Whether you unwind with friends or simply want to get to know your neighbours better – this kind of networking never gets old.

After all, it can’t all be work and no play, right?

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The Marches Communal Working Space

Style with substance

Sure, style is subjective.

But at the Marches, we do it in spades. With high-quality materials, tall windows boasting heaps of natural light and innovative design, we’re all about creating an inviting atmosphere that our residents want to call home.

From our selection of top apartments to the roots of our lush green garden, the Marches is the ultimate base, escape or sanctuary.

Whatever you call it, it’ll feel like home.

Make your move to The Marches

Has reading this got you sold?

Keep the good times rolling without the worry, because we’ve nixed the need for hefty deposits with The Marches.

We’ve teamed up with Flatfair to offer our tenants a more accessible way of getting into their dream rental homes – so you don’t have to stump up a hefty lump before dreaming of a life here.

Flatfair offers more secure, innovative ways to move in at more affordable prices, instead of huge deposits that need you to dot every ‘i’ and cross all those ‘ts’ before you even step foot in the joint.

So what happens?

It’s simple. You get a one-off check-in fee during your initial move-in and that’s it.

The check-in fee will cost you about one week’s worth of rent and there’s no annoying hidden fees to worry about.

(Much like Casper, we’re completely transparent).

This process will allow you to access your home much quicker and easier – as well as get a start on unpacking your boxes.

As for the outstanding amount, if there’s anything left to be paid at the end of the tenancy, it is done right there and then. That means you never have hundreds of pounds of your own money locked away for years at a time, so it can be better spent on those non-negotiables.

Like stocking up the fridge or investing in a nice new mug.

Because, in all honesty, you shouldn’t have to drop £3,000 odd on deposits just for the privilege of moving. Have a chat to one of our agents to see how you can use Flatfair to make your move-in speedier than ever.

Ready to make Woking your new home with The Marches?

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