20 Reasons to Live in Woking – A Guide

Looking to live in Woking? This borough in Surrey may be small but it radiates big city energy – there’s always something happening and places to explore. And we at The Marches want to help you find them!


So if you’re searching for a commuter town with the thrill of city life just 20 minutes away, Woking could be the perfect place for you – expect modern village charm, city buzz, and inspiring green spaces.


Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner in crime, this isn’t just a guide for reasons to live in Woking but also ideas to level up your at-home tourism.


Allow The Marches to help you make stories worth talking about and prove to everyone you have a nose for the extraordinary…

Why Live In Woking? Here Are 20 Reasons Why Life in Woking Is a Life of Adventure

Why live in Woking? Well, Woking is a wonderful blend of green space and bustling town, creating a diverse space with no end of things to do for the whole family. In this list, we’ll discuss some highlights and hidden gems that will keep you busy if you were to make the move to Woking.

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Transport Links

Living in Woking at the Marches, you’ll be perfectly positioned a few minutes walk from Woking Train Station. And with London a mere 20 miles away you’ll have easy access to the capital city as well as fast transport to other locations across the UK.

Woking being such close proximity to the UK’s capital makes it an ideal choice for commuters if you decide to move in with the Marches and work in London. There’s a good chance you’ll be sharing a neighbourhood with people doing just that.

Be it through train or bus transport links, getting in and out of Woking is an easy ride. By train to London, just hop on the South Western Railway and you’ll be getting off at Waterloo Station in less than half an hour. This means you get the best of both worlds – the vibrant city of London just over yonder for your commute and nights out, as well as the cosy town of Woking for calmer living and more local outings.

But that’s not all. Woking also provides easy access to major roadways, opening up a world of possibilities for those who prefer to hit the road. For weekend getaways further afield, key routes such as the M25, M3, and A3 are easily accessible from Woking by car.

Affordable Compared to London

If you ask yourself ‘why live in Woking’? the first thing you may end up considering is its affordability.

According to the Office for National Statistics for April 2022 to March 2023, London had the highest median monthly rent of £1,500 in comparison to Woking. Woking also has lower prices for food transport and amenities than London. Living in Woking means you can have the best of both worlds: you’ll still have access to the hustle and bustle of the capital, with London only being 20 minutes drive away, but you’d also steer clear of some of the affordability issues and reduce your outgoings.

To make rent even more affordable at The Marches, we’ve partnered up with Flatfair to make moving in a total breeze, reducing your moving costs (and your stress) so you can focus on what matters. Learn more about our Flatfair Deposit Scheme here.

Woking Leisure Centre

For more specific fitness and training, Woking Leisure Centre aims to provide affordable, inclusive and sustainable facilities for all. They offer a fully kitted-out gym with personal training services and group exercise classes if you’re looking to make friends and socialise.


They also have court and pitch sports for if you’re interested in tennis or badminton. You’ll get the opportunity to join their events or hire out the courts for private competitions, as well as access to their on-site cafeteria to refuel.

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum

On the hunt for knowledge, culture, and creativity? Well the Marches would love to introduce you to the The Lightbox Gallery and Museum.


Built by the same architects who designed the London Eye, The Lightbox is a cultural and entertainment hotspot that offers a huge range of rotating exhibitions.


This popular tourist destination offers creative and educational resources for schools and younger people. There are three art collections to view:


  • The Joan Hurst Collection: 17 sculptures that represent some of the most significant and influential artists in modern sculpting.
  • The Ingram Collection: 600 artworks that span one hundred years of British art. The works include some of the most important British artists of the twentieth century.
  • The Heritage Collection: made up of thousands of historical objects, many of which are significant to the town of Woking.


The Lightbox also offers a convenient on-site shop and cafe if you fancy a spot of shopping or are in need of refreshments. If you take the leap to join us and live in Woking, it’s a must-see for lovers of history and the arts packed with offerings to entertain the whole family.


New Victoria Theatre

Another honourable mention is the New Victoria Theatre. Now one of the most respected theatres in South East England, it opened in 1992 and quickly rose to fame whilst premiering some of the most popular shows in the country.


Productions on its roster have included:


  • West Side Story
  • Chicago
  • Cats
  • Northern Ballet
  • Plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company


The venue places a big emphasis on the audience’s comfort, as well as their entertainment, making use of the latest advances in sound and technology. It was also designed to be ultra-spacious so patrons don’t feel cramped and fidgety during longer shows.


Wheelchair accessibility is available too should you need it.


RHS Garden Wisley

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, RHS Garden Wisley offers a captivating and educational experience. The flagship garden of the UK’s leading gardening charity, The Royal Horticultural Society, the Wisley Garden is an opportunity to enjoy and learn about well-renowned plant collections. You can also learn to grow your own incredible and diverse garden straight from the experts.


RHS Garden Wisley offers amenities such as a plant centre, gift shop, restaurant, and café. The garden hosts a range of events, including flower shows, plant fairs, workshops, and educational programs for both adults and children.


There is also a late-summer floral celebration from the 5th to the 10th of September. This celebration can be counted on for vibrant floral displays and floral art exhibits – you also have the opportunity to purchase some beautiful flowers of your own from its selection of flower vendors.


Hatchlands Park

At the Georgian house at Hatchlands Park, you can explore six beautifully restored rooms and see some of Robert Adam’s earliest work. Also on display, there’s a wonderful collection of paintings and musical instruments that have been brought together by Alec Cobbe, the house’s current resident.


Horsell Heritage Trail and Horsell Common

Horsell Common is a nature reserve located in the north of Woking. The Common is a popular destination for nature lovers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts, as it’s packed with a diverse range of wildlife habitats.


Horsell Common is perhaps best known for its association with H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds. In the book, Horsell Common is the site of the first Martian landing and the beginning of their invasion of Earth. HG Wells has roots here as he used to live in Woking for a time and used the local area as inspiration for the novel.


In addition to Horsell Common’s literary significance, it also served as a military training ground during World War I and II.


Another place in Woking that’s rich in history, it’s conveniently close to the centre too, so on your trips into town, there’s no reason not to step out and have a wander through the ages now and again.


Jubilee Square

Jubilee Square is the first part of a wider redevelopment of two retail centres in Woking Town. It’s located at the crossing of Church Street East, Mercia Walk, and Market Walk.


Thanks to a £7m overhaul, the once outdated town centre of Woking has been transformed into a high-quality plaza packed with high street, as well as high end, retailers. The revival of the town’s shopping centre has been supported by the arrival of many leading UK brands.


If you’re coming in by bus, there are bus stops located on Cawsey Way, The Broadway, Locke Way, and Brewery Road. If you’re arriving by train, the nearest railway station is Woking. Taxi ranks are also located on Station Approach and Church Path, near Woking station. So if you decide to live in Woking, find yourself in the town centre and feel a void in your chest that only retail therapy can fill, feel free for a spree.

Ancient Woking Palace

Discover the ruins of Woking Palace, along the picturesque River Wey. A Royal Palace during the Tudor era, it now stands as a collection of remnants that include brick walls, a small stone building, and buried foundations.


Despite its diminished state, the site’s allure is heightened by its idyllic surroundings, with the River Wey and moat creating a captivating backdrop. Woking Palace is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Site of Special Scientific Interest – a must-see for history buffs.


Pool in the Park

At the Marches, we’re passionate about calm and quiet as well as socialising and adventure, but fitness is another value we love to nurture in our inhabitants. If an active lifestyle is more your thing, then why not dive into the Pool in the Park? The public swimming pool offers family swimming and solo lane swimming options. It also includes swimming lessons with a qualified instructor, aqua fitness classes, and a pool party hire for events like birthdays.



On the outskirts of Woking sits Pyrford: a charming village offering a tranquil setting and rural beauty. With a scenic landscape that includes rolling hills, lush green fields, and the winding River Wey, it’s an ideal escape for those who appreciate a peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty.


One notable feature of Pyrford is the historic St. Nicholas’ Church, which dates back to the 12th century. The churchyard too is a tranquil spot for reflection and a sense of connection to the village’s history. Another notable attraction here is the River Wey Navigation, which runs through Pyrford and offers pleasant scenes for walking or cycling. For those living in Woking, the town of Pyrford is sure to be a pleasant outing suitable for the whole family.

Shah Jahan Mosque

The Shah Jahan Mosque holds the distinction of being the first purpose-built mosque in the UK. Its construction was a significant milestone for the growing Muslim community in Britain at that time. The mosque’s elegant design features minarets, intricate geometric patterns, and a stunning dome, reminiscent of Mughal and Indo-Islamic architectural styles.


Throughout its history, the Shah Jahan Mosque has served as a spiritual and cultural centre for the Muslim community in Woking and the wider region. Today, the mosque serves as a hub for worship, community activities, educational programmes, and outreach initiatives, promoting religious harmony and cultural exchange.

Concrete Jungle and Green Space

Yearning for a night out on the tiles? Woking can deliver.
Want your walk of shame the next morning to be lush and green? Well, you can have that too. Live for the in-between!

A great answer to the question of why live in Woking is the opportunities it presents to get out and explore! There’s a wealth of verdant spaces to get lost in all over the borough. Awaken your sense of adventure at the Marches!
Horsell Moor stretches along the northwest area of Woking whilst Woking Park cuts an impressive figure to the South – both are fantastic green spaces for keen walkers. Slightly further afield are two areas of interest:

Brookwood Cemetery is a grade-one-listed park and gardens and is also the largest cemetery in Europe. Also known as the London Necropolis, Brookwood Cemetery makes for a profound visit – expect a walk through history in beautiful green spaces, with some famous burials to pay your respects to along the way, such as Khurshid Hassan Drabu (the first Muslim judge in Britain) and author, reporter, and literary critic Dame Rebecca West.

Lightwater Country Park, a little over a 20-minute drive from Woking, is a 59-hectare expanse of ponds, woodlands, and meadows. It offers gorgeous views, idyllic walks, and exciting mountain bike trails for the more adventurous. Free car parking is also available for utmost convenience.

Basingstoke Canal

This delightful stretch, conveniently accessible from Woking Town Centre, has been designated as a cherished conservation area. Renowned as one of Britain’s most enchanting waterways, the Basingstoke Canal gracefully winds its way through the Woking Borough from Brookwood to West Byfleet.


Constructed with the intention of establishing a passage from London to the coast between 1788 and 1794, the canal unfortunately never reached beyond Basingstoke.


The charming two-mile section starts at the Wheatsheaf Bridge in the town centre and extends to Kiln Bridge in St. Johns. It is perfect for walks and offers views of numerous bridges, two locks, and an assortment of wildlife.

The Living Planet Centre

The Living Planet Centre proudly serves as the headquarters of WWF-UK, epitomising its commitment to sustainability by being one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the country. If you choose to live in Woking, at the Marches you might have noticed we embrace the need for more green spaces in the habitats we’ve created for our tenants, inviting the green in to play.


The Living Planets Centre remarkable design, intelligent material selection, and cutting-edge technology combine to create a state-of-the-art structure with a minimal ecological footprint. It establishes itself as one of the greenest buildings in the country proven by its BREEAM Outstanding status, while the coveted RIBA National Award acknowledges its architectural significance.


Beyond being the beating heart of the WWF charity, the Living Planet Centre also offers an exceptional event venue conveniently nestled in the heart of Woking. This multifunctional space provides an ideal setting for a wide range of events, providing a unique and inspiring atmosphere for guests. Whether hosting conferences, workshops, business lunches or special occasions, the Living Planet Centre offers a fantastic venue that aligns with the principles of sustainability and environmental welfare.

Clandon Park

The National Trust operates Clandon Park House and Hatchlands Park nearby, offering delightful family-friendly excursions that transport you to a bygone era.

Clandon Park House

Once an impressive homestead in the 1730s, the house was sadly laid to ruin by a fire in 2015. Still holding architectural and historical interest, it remains a fascinating ruin that you can explore on a pre-booked guided tour during the summer.

Clandon Park Gardens

The garden at Clandon Park welcomes visitors from early March until the end of October. It serves as a serene and lush green space, perfect for unwinding and finding tranquillity. Take a leisurely stroll and discover the enchanting lily pond nestled within the Dutch Garden, as well as the captivating historic Grotto. The wooden playground is perfect for families with children to enjoy on a day out.


Cellar Magnifique

Cellar Magnifique is an award-winning bar, bottle shop, and delivery service that boasts a magnificent wine and quality food selection. It caters to the Woking borough, as well as the broader Surrey county.


With their relaxed and attentive service, artisanal wine and food delivered to your door, and high-quality, sustainably sourced products, we at The Marches thought it deserved a mention on our Neighbourhood Heroes page!

Safety and Security

Just as community, diversity, and culture are what The Marches strives for, creating a living breathing hive full of vibrant folk just like you, Woking too has its own charming culture. And here, safety is something the community takes seriously, as well-demonstrated by The Safer Woking Partnership.

Set up by the Woking Borough Council, but what is it?

The Safer Woking Partnership was introduced to help reduce crime in the area and maintain a secure and harmonious community. The partnership involves members of the following bodies:

  • Woking Borough Council
  • Kent Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company
  • Surrey Police
  • Surrey County Council
  • NHS North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Stellar Public Services and Surrey Police

Woking’s collaborative spirit is not only shown in your neighbours out in the community but in the public services working together to tackle crime and promote the safety and security for residents.

The Surrey Police in Woking have also earned a solid reputation. According to His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, the Surrey Police have been identified in PEEL inspections as ‘outstanding’ at preventing and investigating crime, protecting vulnerable people, and practising fair treatment in interacting with the general public.


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